Long Term Performance of Super-Insulating Materials in Building Components and Systems

Completed (2013 - 2019)


Current energy conservation standards often call for space saving insulation technologies, especially for building refurbishment. Therefore, new super insulating materials (SIMs), such as types of vacuum insulation panels (VIP), gas filled panels (GFPs) and aerogel based products (ABPs) have been rapidly spreading in the building insulation market. They have become attractive alternatives that allow a reduction of the insulation thickness by as much as a factor of five. However, besides offering excellent insulation performance, these materials are relatively expensive and there has been a lack of information on their durability under different thermo-hygric conditions.

The main aims of this research project were to investigate potential long term benefits and risks of newly developed super insulation materials and systems and to provide guidelines for their optimal design and use. The intended target audience of this project is construction industry partners, architects and building designers, building owners and standardisation organisations.

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