Joining the EBC Programme

EBC was founded in 1977 through a legal contract known as the “Implementing Agreement for a Programme of Research and Development on Energy in Buildings and Communities”. This is one of the largest Implementing Agreements established by the International Energy Agency, under its Framework for International Energy Technology Co-Operation. Organisations that become signatories to an Implementing Agreement are known as Contracting Parties. The Implementing Agreement has established an equitable basis for the Programme to carry out joint research projects. This provides the commonly agreed general rights and obligations for Contracting Parties.

For Interested Countries

Participation in the EBC Programme is at the discretion of both the existing member countries and of the national government of a country interested in joining. However, there are usually few barriers to joining, aside from a commitment to actively pursue the goals of the Programme. The first step in the formal process is that the EBC Executive Committee (representatives from the member countries) invites the national government, or any entity designated by it, to become a Contracting Party to the EBC Implementing Agreement.

After an initial enquiry by a new interested country, it is usual for the EBC Executive Committee to invite representatives from that country to attend one or two meetings as observers. This allows informal discussions to take place to explain the anticipated benefits, rights and obligations of joining as well as to provide an introduction to the formalities.  Download Joining the EBC Programme (PDF 153 KB)

For Research Bodies, Assessment Organisations & Manufacturers

Participation in EBC projects is decided by national representatives. So, please contact your national representative in the first instance, see Contacts. If your country is not listed, please contact either the Executive Committee Chair or the ESSU (EBC’s secretariat) for more information.