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IEA Future Buildings Forum

The Aim of the Forum

The Future Buildings Forum (FBF) has been established to identify long-term energy, environmental, economic, and technological issues, assess their potential effect on future buildings, and encourage research projects on these issues that will help to ensure that buildings contribute to a sustainable society by the year 2035 and beyond. Originally a resource only for the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) on Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC), the role and activities of FBF have expanded to take account of the areas of interest of all buildings-related IEA TCPs.

FBF Structure

The Future Buildings Forum is conducted under the buildings-related IEA TCPs under the energy End Use Working Party. The Forum has previously met in a "Think Tank Meeting" in 1990, 1995, 2001, 2007 and 2013 to identify and collectively agree on the relevant long-term issues to be studied. The FBF workshop programmes were decided on the results of these workshops.


  • Think Tank Workshop 2017, "Transforming Cities In Hot And Humid Climates Towards More Efficient And Sustainable Energy Use", 24th – 25th  October 2017, Singapore 
    Report (PDF 2MB)
  • Transforming the Built Environment by 2035: Meeting Energy and Environmental Targets, 11 - 12 April, 2013, Soesterberg, Netherlands
    Results (PDF 1MB)
  • Future Sustainable Buildings and Communities, Workshop held 21-22 March 2007, Espoo, Finland
    Proceedings, vision and roadmap (PDF 0.5MB)
  • Buildings of the 21st Century: Developing Innovative Research Agendas, Workshop held 2001 
    Proceedings (PDF 8MB)
  • Low Temperature Heating Systems, Workshop held 1998
  • Methods for Analysing the Future of Buildings, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, June 25-28, 1994, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ottawa, Canada
    Order Printed Copy £10.00
  • Innovative Cooling Systems, port of the Future Building Forum Workshop, Solihull, UK, 12-14 May 1992, UK, Oscar Faber Applied Research Ltd, 1992, ISBN 0 946075 69 7
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Think Tank Workshop 24th - 25th October 2017 Presentations