Holistic Assessment Tool-kit on Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures for Government Buildings (EnERGo)

Completed (2005 - 2010)


The scope of the project is the decision making process for energy retrofitting of Government non-residential buildings: e.g., office buildings, hospitals, large one-storey production facilities and maintenance shops and speciality warehouses. The project is meant to influence the decision making process that determines the use of energy-saving measures in building retrofits. This decision making process must improve if it is to successfully cope with the challenges of increasing energy costs and climate change, and if it is to avoid "locking in" long-term commitment to energy inefficiencies by adopting sub-optimal renovations. Consequently, the target group consists of all actors involved in this decision making process, specifically executive decision makers and energy managers of Government buildings, performance contractors and designers. The "EnERGo IT-Toolkit", supplemented by guidelines and best practice examples, will support these different user groups, and facilitate communication between them.

The objectives are to:

  • Provide tools and guidelines for decision makers and energy managers, performance contractors and designers to improve the working environment of Government buildings through energy-efficient retrofitting projects. Though the focus of this Annex is on Government buildings, many results can be applied to similar private sector buildings;provide recommendations on how to operate the retrofitted buildings;promote energy- and cost-efficient retrofit measures by providing successful examples;support decision makers in evaluating the efficiency and acceptance of available concepts;find improved ways of using Energy Performance Contracts (ESPC's) for Government buildings retrofit measures
  • To accomplish these objectives, participants will carry out research and development in the framework of the following three research areas and one joint working group:
  • Develop an energy assessment and analysis methodology / protocol and a tool "Energy Assessment Guide for Energy Managers and ESCO's";Develop a database of "Energy Saving Technologies and Measures for Government Building Retrofits" with examples of best practices;Develop "Best Practice Guidelines for Innovative Energy Performance Contracts";Develop the "EnERGo IT-Toolkit".

Operating Agent

Dr Alexander Zhivov
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
2902 Newmark Dr.
Champaign, IL 61826-9005
Tel: +1 217 373 4519


Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA