Solar Sustainable Housing

Completed (1999 - 2003)


Solar Sustainable Housing represents a joint venture between the ECBCS and Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) Task 28. The objective of this Annex is to help achieve in participating countries a significant penetration of solar sustainable housing in the housing markets (i.e. >5%) by the year 2010 by providing builders and institutional real estate investors with:

  • Good examples of built projects with proven successes,
  • Hard facts to make cost/benefit decisions on the mix of solar and conservation strategies,
  • Guidance to improve energy, environmental and cost performance of their own designs.

The Scope of this Annex includes:

  • Housing types: Multi-family, row, duplex and detached housing
  • Solar technologies: Passive, active and PV solar use, natural cooling and daylighting involving the building envelope and struture.
  • Conservation technologies: Super insulation and windows, thermal bridge avoidance, ventilation and heat recovery systems.
  • Spin-off technologies: For retrofitting extsiting buildings.

The Annex will accomplish its objectives in four phases:

  • Market Assessment and Communication
  • Design and Analysis
  • Construction and Demonstration
  • Measurement and Evaluation

Results will be the collective efforts of the Annex will lead to the following publications and activities:

Planned publications :

  • Model Solar Sustainable Houses (WWW site),
  • Marketable Solar Sustainable Housing: Plans, Details and Performance (Book)
  • Guide to Cost Effective Design (Handbook).
  • Activities: Demonstration Buildings and Workshops and Symposia.

Operating Agents

BCS: Dr. Hans Erhorn
Frauhofer Institute of Building Physics
D-70569 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 970 3380
Dr. Robert Hastings
Energy & Environment GmbH
Kirchstrasse 1
CH 8304 Wallisellen
Tel: +41 1 883 1717 or 16


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland


  • Project Summary Report - Annex 38 (PDF 12.97MB) Edit Publication
    Editor: Robert Hastings, Janet Brown and Jack Shepherd
  • Bioclimatic Housing: Innovative Designs for Warm Climates Edit Publication
    December 2007
    Editor: Richard Hyde
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
  • Business Opportunities in Sustainable Housing: A Marketing Guide Based on Houses in Ten Countries (PDF 6.03MB) Edit Publication
  • The Environmental Brief: Pathways for Green Design Edit Publication
    Author: Richard Hyde, Steve Watson, Wendy Cheshire, Mark Thomson
    Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Exemplary Sustainable Solar Houses (PDF 14.12MB) Edit Publication
  • Wohnbauten mit Geringem Energieverbrauch Edit Publication
    November 2004
    Author: von Caroline Hoffmann,? Robert Hastings,? Karsten Voss
  • Design Insights from the Analysis of 50 Sustainable Solar Houses Edit Publication
    Editor: Christel Russ
  • Sustainable Solar Housing Edit Publication
    Volume 1: Strategies and Solutions; Volume 2: Exemplary Buildings and Technologies
    Editor: Robert Hastings and Maria Wall