Advanced Local Energy Planning

Completed (1996 - 1998)


The goal of this project was the practical application of the possibilities of tools and models of modern systems analysis for the description of complex municipal energy systems.

Different Linear Programming models for the description of complex energy systems have been developed. Their common advantage is a comprehensive description of all system components and frame conditions over the chosen planning time horizon and the possibility of consistently optimizing the development of the components under a given system of goals.

Once the model is established for the local case study, including defined scenarios, different system developments under different assumptions can be described by the model very easily. This enables the planner to prepare consensual solutions among different decision makers concerning the strategic planning of the municipal energy system.

Available models can be distinguished by their user interface, interface to other tools such as databases, presentation of results, inclusion of ecological aspects, documentation and ease of use for potential users without detailed knowledge of programming language.

The project's areas of research were as follows:

International Co-operation Project for Development and Information Dissemination of Tools for Modern Energy System Planning

Closure of the existing gap between scientific planning methods and actual planning practice at the level of community energy planning.Application of existing models and databases to gain practical experiences and disseminate such tools to practitionersKnow-how transfer and exchange of experiences between systems analysts and utility companies and different countries with different frame conditions for energy planning.

Local Energy Planning - Applications Case Studies
Concrete LEP-application projects for major cities/regions within the participating countries.

Domestic Dissemination and Education
Aimed to develop professional education measures within one participating country. (Was therefore almost entirely a national project and optional for the participating countries.)

Operating Agent

Dr. Reinhard Jank
D-76185 Karlsruhe
Tel: +49 (0) 721 984710


Canada, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United States of America