Evalutation and Demonstration of Domestic Ventilation Systems

Completed (1996 - 2001)


During the lifetime of a building the occupation can vary considerably. This results in a varying need for supply air to obtain acceptable indoor air quality and to avoid degradation of the fabric. Emissions from building materials are also time dependent.

Dwellings represent about 25 - 30% of energy use in the OECD countries. Ventilation in dwellings will in the future represent up to 10% of the total energy use.

The objective of this Annex was to:

  • develop methods for evaluating domestic ventilation systems
  • validate the methods with data obtained from measurements
  • demonstrate and evaluate domestic ventilation systems for different climates, building types, and use of the dwelling.

These methods and systems are intended for existing and future domestic buildings that require heating.

The areas of research were:

  • State of the art with the purpose of giving an overview of frequently used system solutions.
  • Development and valuation of evaluation methods with the purpose of defining parameters, selecting and developing methods for evaluation.
  • Evaluation, demonstration, and application of current and innovative ventilation systems with the purpose of evaluating methods for a set of variables and demonstrating different ventilation systems.

Operating Agent

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Canada, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA