Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems

Completed (1987 - 1992)


In many countries attention has been paid to indoor air quality, both in respect to outdoor air quality and outgassing from building material, together with human habits and odour. The air tightness of the building envelope has also been improved.

The experiences from these indoor air quality studies may result in a demand for increased outdoor air volume.

Basic results are presented under Annex 9 (Minimum Ventilation Rates) to fulfil the requirement of fresh air supply for different pollutants. The requirement is based on human demand both as an average level and as the threshold value for the demands of special population groups.

The principle objective of this task was to develop an efficient ventilating system by a demand control based on analysis of the ventilation effectiveness and proposed ventilation rates for different users in different cases in domestic, office and school buildings. The project also involved work on field studies, sensor location and ventilation strategies.

Operating Agent

Lars-Goran Mansson
LGM Consult AB


Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland