Building Energy Management Systems - Evaluation and Emulation Techniques

Completed (1988 - 1992)


This annex is evaluating building energy management system methodology as well as developing emulation techniques. The intention is not to develop EMS techniques, but to help users make a better choice and make better use of the many existing systems. The project contains three complementary subtasks:

Subtask A
Prospective assessment of EMS potential. This subtask consists mainly in prolonging the work of previous Annex 10 towards control and energy management applications. The HVAC component data bank will be implemented as and when necessary. New "simulation exercises" will be organised with growing levels of complexity in order to assess the correct use of existing models and also in order to produce reference results.

Subtask B
This subtask is an extension of existing audit methods in the field of control and EMS. As for other subtasks, priority is given to the methodologies, but some case studies will be considered with Annex 16.

Subtask C
Development of emulation methods. Emulators will be developed by the participants in their own countries. These emulators will be tested on common examples. Common conclusions and guidelines about the methods will be established.

Expected results:

  • The identification of most attractive aspects of EMS
  • A better understanding of the real behaviour of HVAC controls
  • An analysis of evaluation techniques to be used "on site" and examples of results.
  • A proposal of emulation methodology with examples of results.

Operating Agent

Prof J. Lebrun
Lab de Thermodynamique
University of Liège
Campus du Sart-Tilman
Bâtiment B49
Chemin des Chevreuils
B-4000 Liège
Tel: +32 (0)43 66 48 01


Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA, France


  • Technical Synthesis Report - Annex 16-17 (PDF 0.92MB) Edit Publication
    Author: Mansson L G, McIntyre D
  • BEMS - Evaluation and Emulation Techniques: Synthesis Report Edit Publication
    March 1993
    Author: Lebrun J, Wang S
    Publisher: Belgium, University of Liege, Lab. of Thermodynamics
  • Development of Emulation Methods Edit Publication
    Author: Karki S