Energy Auditing

Completed (1982 - 1987)


In order to increase the efficiency of energy saving programmes many IEA countries are using or developing energy audit procedures. Energy audit refers to the methods used to break down the energy consumption in an existing building into components. This information may then be used to prescribe the introduction of appropriate energy saving technology (which could include electronic control systems) for a particular building. Such technological installations are referred to as "retrofitting".

During recent years much attention has been focused on the development of the methods, training and instruments needed for successful energy audits. A variety of approaches to energy auditing have been tried with varying success. International co-operation to solve common problems and to exchange experiences in auditing and retrofitting in this project resulted in the development of cost-effective means, methods and strategies for auditing in buildings and to contribute to their implementation. These results have been published as the "Source Book for Energy Auditors".

Operating Agent

Mr. A. Boysen
Hidemark Danielson HB


Belgium, Canada, CEC, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA