Joint Workshop IEA SHC Task 66 and IEA EBC Annex 83

October 10, 2023
Franziskaner Kloster Graz
Franziskaner Kloster, Franziskanerplatz 14, Room on the 1st floor: Franziskussaal
8010 Graz

The workshop focused on the SYSPEQ project, the Austrian certification of climate-neutral positive energy neighbourhoods, the Campagne demonstration project and the cost-optimal analysis of EXCESS. Furthermore, topics such as solar power communities, cold neighbourhoods in Austria and buildings without CO2 emissions in China will be discussed.

This joint workshop with IEA SHC Task 66 took place on 10 October in Graz.

Detailed information on workshop is in the agenda. The slides from the workshop are available below. For further information please visit and .