IEA EBC Annex 85: 10th Workshop

May 31, 2023
Zoom meeting room
Zoom meeting room

This workshop on May 31st 2023 is the 10th workshop of Annex 85, this workshop focused on the discussion of feasibility analysis of IEC technologies using indicators system, modelling of IEC plate heat exchangers, possible new applications of IEC/DEC technologies and the structure of final reports of Annex 85, the arrangement of the next workshop in person was also discussed.

Draft Agenda of the workshop (31st May 2022, UTC: 11:00~14:00)

  • Welcome and introduction (all participants, 15 mins, 11:00~11:15)
  • Going further with plate heat exchangers. (Jean Lebrun, 15mins +25mins, 11:15~11:55)

The presentation uses several important simplifications to simplify the simulation model of the plate heat exchangers, show the result of some cases and the analysis of manufacturer data, and need mor experimental results to tune the model.

  • Feasibility analysis method discussion of IEC/DEC technologies using indicators system. (Presentations and all participates discussion, Jiale Fan, Xiaoyun Xie and all participants, 30mins+40mins for discussion, 11:55~13:00)

The first and most important issue is to determine whether IEC/DEC technology can reduce the temperature to the demanded cooling temperature or not. For different climatic conditions, the wet bulb efficiency and dew point efficiency can be used to determine the areas on the psychrometric chart where evaporative cooling can be used. Using two typical regions as examples, calculate the uncertainty rate when using the IEC/DEC system.

  • Discussion of structure of final reports of Annex 85. (All participants, 13:05~13: 30)
    • Actual case investigation report (Ali)
    • Research report
    • Real application/field testing studies of IEC/DEC reports
    • Basic modeling and performance analysis of IEC/DEC processes (Chadi et al. subtask D team)
    • Guidance feasibility analysis of IEC/DEC technologies (all groups)
  • Plan of next workshop in person in Beijing in October. (All participants, 13:30~13:55)
    • Dates & locations

On October 16th ~19th, 2023
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Conference room: Building Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University

  • The draft agenda

Two days meeting and one day tour

  • Summary and adjournment. (All participants, 13:55~14:00)


Main points and progress

  • Exchanged the research result between the participants.
    • Going further with flat plate heat exchangers simplification of simulation model
    • Feasibility analysis method discussion of IEC/DEC technologies using indicators system.
  • Discussion of the structure and the leader of each part of the final report
  • Discussion of the arrangements of next workshop in person


Follow up

  • Discussion of the research of each subtask
  • Confirm the main content, structure and the participants arrangement of the final report.
  • Confirm the arrangement of the workshop in October 2023