IEA-EBC Annex 85 3rd Online Workshop

April 28, 2021
Zoom meeting room
  • Introduction

The IEA-EBC Annex 85 Online Workshop was held on April 28th, 2021 at Beijing, using ZOOM meeting room. Present at the Meeting were representatives from Belgium, Denmark, France, USA, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, China. The meeting was opened by Associate professor Xiaoyun Xie. Seven presentations were given by five countries. These presentations aim to discuss the research plan of each subtask and exchange the fundamental study and application of the IEC technology in participating countries. The objectives of the workshop are to further refine the main technologies and research plan of each subtask, confirm the participants for each subtask and discuss the possible results of next 6 months.

  • Main Content
  • Presentation and discussions from subtask leaders to discuss he research plan of each subtask:
    •  Research plan of subtask A, from Alireza Afshari, Denmark

Field testing of existing IEC systems to obtain real-world running data.

Analyze the data and provide guidance for system improvement optimization.

  • Research plan of subtask B, from Kashif Nawaz, the United States

to give solutions of the main application constrains of IEC technologies investigated by subtask A.
to give unified methods for cooling performance as well as water consumption performance of IEC technologies.

  •  Research plan of subtask C, from Xiaoyun Xie, China

Thermal analysis of basic processes of IEC technologies through internal losses analysis
For system design, comparison of IEC cooling air system and IEC cooling water system
Different process structures comparison, through thermal analysis

  • Research plan of subtask D, from Chadi MAALOUF, France

Set up the system simulation model and tool for different kinds of IEC processes and systems.
Develop a guideline for designing the IEC systems for different types of buildings under different dry climates and water resource conditions.

  • Research presentation from participants to introduce the current study and application of IEC technology in his/her country/region:
    • 1) Belgium (Jean Lebrun & Sylvano Tusset & Jean-Claude Marbaix)

Topic: IEC technologies in Belgium
Introduce the IEC basic process and improved process and innovative process used in AHU in Belgium.
Introduce the status of cooling towers in Belgium.
The research on previous climate and construction of the database of climate data.

  • 2) China team (Xin Yao), research on IEC water chillers

Introduce the research of the IEC parameter optimization.

Brief introduction of the difference of IEC and DEC technologies.
Feasibility analysis of IEC technologies in different cities of different counties.

  •  Discussions, including the confirmation of subtask leader and participants.

a. introduce the questionary of the research content for participants to fill in.
b. Investigation of climate data, climate data of the typical cities of the world could be provided by Annex 85 organization group.
c. Website construction, include file sharing system.

  • Progress
    •  The main technologies and the research plan of each subtask have been further refined.
    •  Exchange the present study and application of the IEC technology in each country.
    • Confirmation of subtask leader and participants.
    •  Discuss the possible results of next 6 months.
    •  Introduce the website of the project and the files sharing system.
  • Follow up
    • Confirm participants for each subtask and search for subtask leader or co-leaders for subtask D.
    • Further refine the research plan of each subtask.
    • Each subtask leader prepares a task list for the participating countries to fill in.
    • Collection of signed National Participation Letter.
    • Construct project website and upload the files.
Contact: Xiaoyun Xie