IEA EBC Preparation Workshop for Defining New Annex

April 20, 2020
ZOOM Meeting Room

Workshop Objectives:

  • Define the Annex objectives, discuss the combination of the objectives with the interest and research activities of all participants.
  • Discuss the technology roadmap of each objective.
  • Arrange the sub-tasks of this project, and determine the possible sub-task leaders.
  • The preparation of the full proposal of this project.

Draft Agenda of the workshop

  • Welcome and introduction 
  • Presentation of the general idea of the project (Tsinghua University )
  • Presentation from participants. 
  • Discussions, including the main subtasks, the preparation of full proposal, the technology roadmap to carry out this project, etc. 
  • Summary and adjournment 


  • Exchange the present study and application of the IEC technology in each country.
  • The main technologies and subtasks of the project have been further refined.
  • Introduce the responsibility of each participant and each subtask leader.
Contact: Xiaoyun Xie